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Looking forward to another year of enhancing conservation.

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Thanks for making the 2016 RUSH auction a record breaking event
2017 RUSH auction is April 1st 2017. 


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Fundraising success for the Louisa Interpretive Center!

Reflections oral history project receives $7000 form Humanities Iowa. Click here to learn more about our oral history project titled Reflections of Louisa Resource Area

Tri-Rivers Conservation Foundation

Tri-Rivers is the culmination of our shared commitment to the natural and cultural history of the Louisa Resource Area that will one day be showcased in the Louisa Interpretive Center.  Read below to learn more.

Commitment:  The Tri-Rivers Conservation Foundation is a group of dedicated volunteers who are committed to enhancing the natural resources of Louisa County, Iowa and surrounding areas.  The nonprofit foundation provides support for the Louisa County Conservation Board, environmental awareness and integrated family outdoor education.  Public and private partnerships have been formed to provide for resource development, preservation and study.

Natural History:   This area has a diverse mix of natural features that support significant outdoor recreation.  The topography of the region developed along with the drainage patterns of the Iowa, Cedar and Mississippi Rivers.  The current natural resources display a dynamic pattern that encompass stream, flood plain, bottom land, cropland, marsh, upland and savannah  habitats.  This habitat diversity supports a unique animal and plant community.

Cultural History:  The Tri-Rivers area can trace its human history from Archaic Indians, through mound builders and pioneer agriculture to the current rural setting.  Louisa County residents enjoy the amenities offered by open spaces, small towns and productive agriculture.  The residents have a history and identity with this area that can be shared and enjoyed with other people.

Interpretive Center:  The concept of an interpretive center to showcase Louisa County's natural and cultural history developed over the years through the efforts of the Langwood Resource Committee, Langwood Advisory Committee, Louisa County Conservation Board and the Tri-Rivers Conservation Foundation.


Conservation Scholarships

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Louisa County Photos

Click to see Chinkapin Bluffs near Columbus Junction

"Chinkapin Bluffs"

Click to see Rural Cemetary and open spaces

"Rural Cemetary"

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"Louisa Interpretive Center"



Our Mission

Tri-Rivers Conservation Foundation is a private nonprofit organization established in 1991. Its purpose is to provide funds for the protection and enhancement of the natural resources in the environmentally rich area of the confluences of the Cedar, Iowa and Mississippi Rivers in eastern Iowa. The Foundation will employ enjoyment and use of these resources to educate and instill an appreciation for good land stewardship. It will seek to distribute private funds to carefully chosen public, civic, institutional and quasi-public projects.