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Louisa County - Featured Photos

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     Louisa County contains many outstanding natural and scenic areas.  Tri-Rivers Conservation Foundation would like to feature your photos in our Photo Gallery. 

Take your camera along as you travel and show us what Louisa County has to offer in the way of nature and cultural scenery. 

Snap photos of your favorite Louisa County spot and send it to us at or contact us at Tri-Rivers Conservation Foundation, PO Box 123, Wapello, Iowa 52653 and we will arrange to pick them up.



Anita L. Braden

Anita Braden has lived in Columbus Junction since 2007.  She and her husband - Pastor James Braden lives in the Hope Bible Church parsonage located on Hwy 92 near the Swinging Bridge.  She loves to garden and grow flowers and herbs.  Anita and Jim have traveled extensively and visited all the lower 48 states.  They have lived in nine states, plus Iowa.  She prefers the rural areas and loves the wide open spaces of the farmlands.  Walks around the Junction, local nature trails and visits to Louisa County parks keep Anita and Jim active.  She has won ribbons at the Louisa County Fair and has photos appearing in the Columbus Gazette.

Anita likes to take photos from a variety of angles and uses different lighting techniques.  She uses a Pentax 7.1 MP digital camera and takes hundred of photos, with the philosophy of take 100 and keep 10!

Anita loves people, laughs often and hard, and enjoys cooking, reading, playing Sudoku and other games with family and friends.


Natalina Sents

     Natalina Sents worked as a guest photographer on the Louisa County Reflections project and has now submitted several of her nature photos for our Featured Photos page.  Natalina is from Columbus City and is a junior at Columbus High School.  She is active in school band, choir, FFA, Cross Country and FCA.  Natalina is the daughter of Steve and Melissa Sents.




Milkweed seeds parachute on the wind. Photo by Don Kline

Natalina Sents

Anita Braden


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