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Projects of Note
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Louisa Interpretive Center Funding

The current Louisa Interpretive Center fundraising effort that began in March 2009 has already collected over $100,000! This portion of the project has received $576,000 from the Federal Scenic By-Ways grant needs $144,000 in local matching contributions. The grant and donations will pay for the purchase of the land and site work to begin this fall. When the grant is completed the grounds will be developed and used for outdoor education and the space for the building will be ready for construction. Erecting the building will be the final portion of the project.


Project Brochure & Donation/Pledge Form

$5,000 Challenge

Being part of a $10,000 donation to Louisa Interpretive Center is much easier than you might think. An anonymous donation of $5,000 has been made to match donations dollar-for-dollar to the 10k Challenge Fund. The current fund raising effort for the Louisa Interpretive Center is focused on donations of $1,000 and $10,000 made as one-time payments or spread over five years. The fund raising planning committee hoped that setting two levels and a five-year payment plan would make it easier for individuals, families, businesses and organizations to include the Interpretive Center in their budgets. “However, donations of any size are welcome at any time” explains Mallory Smith, Tri-Rivers executive director. The 10k Challenge Fund provides a way for those donations to be part of a bigger contribution. Donations to the 10k Challenge Fund can be sent to Tri-Rivers Conservation Foundation, PO Box 123 Wapello, IA 52653.

Interpretive Center Contributions

Many individuals, groups and organizations have already made significant contributions and the Tri-Rivers Conservation Foundation would like to thank them for helping make the Louisa Interpretive Center a reality.

AJ & Dorothy Boysen Trust Wapello PTO Joan Delzell Nancy McGill
Monsanto Fund Gail Diekman Colverdale Farm Hafner Family
Mary Beth Carey See Club Ruth Yakle Shirley Eyres
Michael & Kathy Vance Jim & Pat Howell Connie Veach Andrew Brown
Iowa Natural Heritage  Foundation Gloria Newell Lee & Doris Harris Sam Stapp
Roger & Marianne Hunt Tri-Rivers Auction Tri-Rivers Board Byron & Mollie Hafner

Learn more About the Donors

Vance and Jolly Families at Clover Dale FarmVance and Jolly Families

Clover Dale Farm

The first $10,000 pledge to the Louisa Interpretive Center was made by the Jolly and Vance families owners and operators of Cloverdale Farm in Morning Sun Iowa. Their donation continues the family's tradition of actively and financially supporting projects in Louisa County especially those related to education, conservation and history.

Pictured are Gwen and Frank Jolly of Arcata, California and Michael and Kathy Vance of Morning Sun at the entrance to their sesquicentennial farm.

A.J. & Dorothy Boysen Trust

A.J. & Dorothy Boysen Trust

In the Langwood Spirit AJ and Dorothy Boysen of Wapello were the second donors to contribute $10,000 to the Louisa Interpretive Center project. The donation comes from the Boysen Trusts representing AJ and Dorothy as well as their children Robert and Karen. The Boysens made their donation as an extension of the work they did nearly 40 years ago to establish Camp Langwood east of Grandview (now Langwood Education Center). The development of the adjacent property will create an environmental education center that builds on the original spirit of the 4H camp. "The Boysen's donation is a great step forward! It helps us all think about how we can make a lasting legacy of environmental and conservation education." commented Steve Johnson, fundraising co-chair.

Photo taken at Langwood October 22, 2004

Bryon & Mollie Hafner Family Memorial Donation

Education and good land stewardship were very important to Bryon and Mollie.  They raised their family of two boys and five girls on farm located in northeast Louisa County. They enjoyed the many benefits of rural living taking time to notice the many wildflowers and bird nearby.  Planting hundreds of trees and maintaining a 40 acre timber showed their commitment to the land.  They were one of the first to utilize concrete structures to hold storm water.  The family - Gene, Jim, Joyce, Gae Ellen, Marianna, Marjorie and Gloria - is proud to be able to make a $10,000 contribution to the Louisa Interpretive Center project.

Tri-Rivers Conservation Foundation Board MembersTri-Rivers Conservation Foundation

Board Members Join Together for a Big Donation The Board of Directors of Tri-Rivers Conservation Foundation together pledged $10,000 to the Louisa Interpretive Center at Langwood. Tri-Rivers board members are Al Bohling, Steve Johnson, Don Kline, Karen Minnis, Jim Rudisill, Jay Schweitzer, Kathy Vance, and Dan Vogeler. Julie Ohde, Bill Ohde, and Tom Cox serve as ex officio members; Mallory Smith is the organization’s executive director. This is the third $10,000 contribution to the project.

Pictured are Tri-Rivers Conservation Foundation Directors (back row) Karen Minnis, Al Bohling, Jay Schweitzer, Mallory Smith, Jim Rudisill, Don Kline and (front row) Kathy Vance with Bambi Boysen, Louisa Interpretive Center fund raising committee member.